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  • RELIGIONS > Collection CERHAC > 2013

    Francis Trigge, A Godly And Fruitfull Sermon

    preached at Grantham, Oxford, 1595

    Auteur : Ouvrage Collectif

    Edited with an introduction and notes by Marie Couton, Isabelle Fernandes, Christian Jérémie and Monique Vénuat

    This 1595 Protestant sermon offers an economic, social and moral portrait of late Tudor England stressing the need for equity. Trigge attacks usury and enclosures as he was to do in his Humble Petition of Two Sisters. He offers a learned and rhetorical sermon on the Second Coming with a close reading of the Vulgate collated with new Latin translations of the Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint and supported by references to Josephus, the Sibylline Oracle and other humanist and more traditional sources. The references are traced in the footnotes providing insights into the reading of an Elizabethan preacher.

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    ISBN papier : 978-2-84516-555-7

    ISBN PDF : 978-2-84516-556-4


    Nombre de pages : 162

    13 € (papier), 9 € (pdf)

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