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  • INFORMATIQUE MODELISATION > Sciences et techniques > 2010

    Activity-Based Modeling and Simulation

    Auteur : Ouvrage Collectif

    Sous la direction de Alexandre MUZY, David R. C. HILL & Bernard P. ZEIGLER

    Activity based simulations have recently, and almost simultaneously, emerged in several applications : computational fluids, electro-magnetics, and mechanics ; agent based models of transportation networks and ecological and social systems ; and for simulating the evolution of wildfires. The activity concept links structural and behavioral changes to space and state, and exploits this link to dynamically apportion computational resources in large scale simulations. Activity driven modeling complements activity tracking simulation by explicitly exposing changes in the activity of a model as it evolves. As systems are built, activity driven models and simulations are incorporated into the system itself ; these endomorphic systems take advantage of activity driven models and simulations to be aware of their time-varying computational costs and use this information to improve their operations. The papers gathered in this book have been presented at a CNRS International Seminar, by invitation only. Located at the CNRS/Università di Corsica research center of Cargese in the island of Corsica, specialists of many disciplines (Economics, Evolutionary cognitive sciences, Ecology, Game, Robotics, Industry, Parallel and distributed simulation, Computer engineering) were invited to present and write a peer-reviewed research paper. At the seminar, theory and application oriented workshops have been organized to discuss the different approaches and contributions. This book presents attempts to collect various reflections on activity. Some of these reflections open the way through the high level domain-specific considerations, others already apply and formalize activity.

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